Treatment of Spider Veins

Dr. Levin offers three modalities for the treatment of spider veins:

Veinwave-- new and unique device which utilizes radiofrequency waves to create heat which is transmitted into the spider vein via a hair sized needle causing constriction and closure of the spider vein. Especially useful in treating tiny red spiders which are resistant to other treatment methods.

Laser-- Excel V laser by Cutera is considered the gold standard for treatment of spider veins. It uses a specially designed laser that can be adjusted to perform treatments effectively on different areas of the body making it an ideal choice for the treatment of spider veins.

Sclerotherapy-- traditional treatment of spider veins in which a mild detergent or irritating solution is injected via a small needle into the spider vein causing the vein wall to thicken thereby preventing blood flow through it. Method of choice for large blue or greenish spiders called reticular veins.

This combination along with foam sclerotherapy has greatly enhanced our ability to eliminate unsightly veins in an office based setting. This treatment is also applicable to spider veins occurring on the face, breasts and other body areas. The incorporation of foam sclerotherapy into treatment options has allowed Dr. Levin to successfully treat reticular veins, isolated varicose vein and dilated hand veins without surgery.

Spider Veins

Reticular Veins

Hand Veins