Veinwave, a new and unique technique for the treatment of spider veins, is now available at my office.

The device was developed in Great Britain and has been used in Europe since 2001. It has now been cleared by the FDA for use in the United States.

Known as thermocoagulation, this method employs microwaves to heat spider veins so that the walls of the vessel stick together, eliminating flow, which creates instant disappearance of the vein. Veinwave is perfect for use on facial veins and is now considered the gold standard for that purpose in Europe. It is also successful in treating leg veins, usually in conjunction with sclerotherapy. It is particularly effective in treating knee and ankle veins as well as tiny matted veins which are difficult to treat with other modalities. The procedure is relatively painless, allowing patients to immediately resume everyday normal activities, including sun exposure. Because the treatment does not cause a loss of pigmentation, it can be used on any skin complexion. There are no risks of burns or necrosis.

Nose Veins before

Nose Veins after

Leg Veins before

Leg Veins after